Dhatu Pusti Golden Kits

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Dhatu Pushti kit contains rejuvenating & revitalising ingredients which improves Erectile strength & enhance overall sexual performance.
The ingredients of this kit increases nitric oxide & blood circulation to the penile area, which helps in increasing Testosterone & size & girth of the Penis.

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According to Ayurveda our body is made up of Sapt (seven) Dhatus – Ras, Rakt ,Mamsa, Med,Asthi, Majja & Shukra.
Shukra dhatu is chiefly responsible for our Reproduction & Sexual capacity.
Any depletion in this Dhatus leads to various disorders.

In our fast packed, hectic lives, sexual disabilities have become Rampant. Over work, Stress, too much exercise, Prolonged steroids use, malnourishment, over weight , age, pollution can have adverse effects on our sexual health..due to depletions of dhatus
Which leads to-

Premature Ejaculation
Low libido
Erectile Dysfunction
Frequent Night Fall
Sexual weakness

Which can further leads to difficulties in relationships,feeling of rejection from the partner, lack of self confidence.


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